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Arriving at the decision that your loved one has reached a point where he or she can no longer live safely at home alone is stressful and hard on everyone. Live-in home care assistance is often very expensive in Baltimore, Maryland, and home health care services don’t stay for long enough to safely supervise your loved one. That means you need to find permanent elder care instead of relying solely on old age home care.

Although this time may be hard, knowing that there is a senior citizen housing solution available that you can trust to be a comfortable home away from home for your loved one can make the process a little less stressful. Glynn Taff Assisted Living is the absolute best choice of senior living communities in the Baltimore area and is here to help make the transition from your loved one’s home to our home as easy as possible.

The Type of Care We Provide

Glynn Taff Assisted Living is not a traditional nursing home with a registered nurse supervising all patients 24 hours per day, but the facility does offer a higher level of care than what’s common among assisted living facilities in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. A registered nurse is on staff to manage medications, and diabetic monitoring and insulin administration services can be provided. Certified Nursing Assistants are present on the property at every hour of the day, and all residents benefit from a wellness program developed by a registered nurse and a physician. There is even a Memory Care Program available for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia. These services set Glynn Taff apart from other retirement communities that only provide personal care assistance.

Why Glynn Taff Is the Best Choice for Elder Care

There are many reasons why hundreds of Baltimore, Maryland, families have chosen Glynn Taff Assisted Living as the best elder care facility in the area over the years. Some of the benefits of choosing the facility instead of other assisted living facilities include:

Flexible Services – Elderly people’s care needs can vary greatly, and over time, an individual resident’s needs may change as well. Glynn Taff Assisted Living offers three different levels of service that allow residents to get the optimal level of care without having to pay for services that they do not require. As their needs change, services can be changed as well.

Emphasis on Wellness – At Glynn Taff Assisted Living, the entire staff is dedicated to helping residents be as healthy as possible. There is an exercise program, and all three meals that are served every day are as nutritious as they are delicious. Special diets can even be accommodated.

Supportive, Welcoming Environment – Most importantly, Glynn Taff Assisted Living does not feel like a hospital or a nursing home. The facility feels like a comfortable, welcoming home, and staff feels more like family than paid aides.

For more information about Glynn Taff Assisted Living or to schedule a time to visit the senior citizen housing facility, please contact (443)-604-4166 or click here.

Cities Served: Searching for the best senior or elder care facility with the nursing assistance and home care in the following cities, you can visit the Glynn Taff Assisted Living, Cantonsville, Maryland.

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