Old Age Home – A Way to Nurture Your Loved Ones in Baltimore, MD

As your loved one ages, the idea of him or her having to leave behind the comforts of home can be painful. Many families dread the idea of transitioning their loved ones from old age home care to senior citizen housing in the Baltimore, Maryland, area, but the truth is that the move can be a very positive one both for seniors and their families.

Ensuring Safety

One of the biggest benefits of moving from home care assistance into retirement communities is safety. Seniors who live on their own are far more likely to suffer an accident than those who live in elder care facilities in Baltimore, Maryland. Every year one-third of people over 65 will suffer at least one serious fall, and half of people over the age of 80 fall annually. Even a seemingly minor fall can result in a serious injury, and for seniors who do not receive regular visits from home care assistance aids or home health care workers, it’s possible that they could lie injured for days before help ever arrives. In assisted living facilities, seniors are in a safe environment and have access to caregivers who work every day to ensure their safety.

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Putting an End to Loneliness

Seniors whose families do not live close by may not receive regular visits or company beyond any home care assistance workers. The average senior in Baltimore, Maryland, who is unable to go out on his or her own may not speak or see anyone else during the day. This can quickly lead to loneliness and depression, and because of the link between mental and physical health, can also cause a worsening in medical conditions. In assisted living facilities, seniors interact with people throughout the day. Not only do they see the staff at the elder care facility, but they also get to mingle with other residents who can become friends and companions.

Providing a Higher Quality of Life

Residents in senior citizen housing have an opportunity to do things that they would never otherwise be able to do at home. The best senior living communities in Baltimore, Maryland, offer many chances for residents to socialize and enjoy entertainment. Assisted living facilities offer exercise and fitness programs to keep seniors active and in good health. They also organize games, crafts and activities that keep seniors mentally stimulated and give them a chance to spend time with others. Plus, their personal care and daily hygiene needs are fully met, ensuring that they have the absolute highest quality of life possible.

The key to ensuring that the transition from home health care or living solely on one’s own to senior living communities in Baltimore, Maryland, is choosing the right facility. Glynn Taff Assisted Living can help make the transition as simple as possible. As a comfortable homey assisted living facility, not a cold nursing home, the facility makes residents feel at ease and takes the stress away from families. For more information about Glynn Taff Assisted Living in the Baltimore, Maryland, area, please contact (443)-604-4166.

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