Senior Citizens Deserve the Best Nursing Care Facility in Maryland – Check Out the Options

Even with home care assistance and home health care services, many elderly men and women reach a point where they can no longer safely remain at home. If you’ve reached that point with your loved one, it’s time to consider the options for senior citizen housing that are available in the Baltimore, Maryland, area. Glynn Taff Assisted Living is the best choice for non nursing home elder care in the area and has a number of options available for seniors who require old age home care.

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Part of what makes Glynn Taff Assisted Living different from other senior living communities in Baltimore, Maryland, is that the facility offers different levels of care. This makes Glynn Taff a little like multiple retirement communities rolled into one. New residents begin receiving the type of care that best meets their needs. Over time, if their needs change, they can receive more advanced care without having to move into other assisted living facilities. As a result, seniors are able to get adjusted to a single residence and can simply receive more advanced care if and when it becomes necessary. This greatly reduces stress for both the seniors and their families.

Glynn Taff Assisted Living offers four main levels of care in their senior citizen housing facility:

Category I or basic care is available for individuals who only need basic assistance. Residents receive three hot meals per day and snacks, weekly laundry and housekeeping services and have access to Certified Nursing Assistants 24 hours per day. A registered nurse in on site to oversee medication administration, and all residents get to participate in a wellness and exercise program as well as regular social events.

With Category II care, residents at Glynn Taff Assisted Living in Baltimore receive all of the services provided to Category I residents. In addition, they can get assistance with personal hygiene tasks like dressing and bathing up to four times per week and housekeeping services four times per week. The staff will also assist with daily diabetic monitoring and occasional accidents due to incontinence.

Category III care is designed for residents at the Baltimore, Maryland, assisted living facility who need more advanced care but do not need to be in a traditional nursing home. They can receive help with incontinence and hygiene on a daily basis. In addition, they can receive insulin injections from the staff and get extra assistance with mobility.

Secured Memory Care is designed for patients with Alzheimer’s Disease. Residents receiving this type of care are on a secured floor and receive close supervision and monitoring to ensure safety and comfort. The residents in this area of the Baltimore assisted living facility participate in group fitness and wellness activities as well as social events.

If you’d like to learn more about what makes Glynn Taff Assisted Living the best choice of assisted living facilities in Baltimore, Maryland, you can call the home to schedule a visit. You can also call to get answers to your questions about elder care at Glynn Taff Assisted Living. Just dial (443)-604-4166 during business hours for assistance.

Cities Served: Searching for the best senior or elder care facility with the nursing assistance and home care in the following cities, you can visit the Glynn Taff Assisted Living, Cantonsville, Maryland.

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