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Additional Assistance for Elderly people

Your loved one spent his or her life working hard and helping friends and family members. Now, he or she may be in need of a little extra help or a lot of ongoing support. Many families simply can’t take care of elderly family members on their own, but there are many forms of assistance out there to help you ensure that your loved one is well cared for.

Residential Support

As seniors age, it often becomes unsafe for them to live on their own. Residential facilities offer a safe environment for elderly people who can longer remain in their own homes. These facilities also allow older people to be around others their own age, and many have regular activities to help elderly people stay active and keep them entertained. There are three main types of residential facilities for the elderly:

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Personal Care Homes are facilities for seniors who can take care of themselves for the most part but just need a little extra supervision to keep them safe. Most personal care homes will only accept patients who can move independently and complete daily living tasks like dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting mostly on their own.

Assisted Living Homes provide additional care beyond what is available at a personal care home. People who live in assisted living facilities get extra support with daily living tasks. Caregivers can help them bathe, dress, groom themselves and more. Typically, to live in an assisted living, a person must be semi-mobile and not in need of advanced, ongoing medical care.

Nursing Homes provide the most support and assistance for the elderly. People who are bedridden or who need ongoing nursing care throughout the day can get all of the help that they need in nursing homes.

Home Support

Some services that provide extra help for the elderly are intended to help seniors remain in the home for as long as possible.

Home Health Care services send nurses, therapists and other licensed medical providers to the home to provide treatments. In some cases, home health care workers may even be able to stay overnight or live in the home to provide ongoing care.

Home Personal Care services help seniors with daily living tasks rather than medical care. Caregivers may also cook for seniors, do light housekeeping and transport them to appointments.

Home Hospice Care is medical care that is provided when an elderly person is in the last stages of an illness or disease. The purpose of hospice care is to help a person who is sick remain as comfortable as possible until they pass away.

Adult Day Care facilities are centers where families can leave a loved one during the day to be supervised by caregivers alongside other seniors. These services are geared toward elderly people who live with family members who work during the day or to give family members a break for a few hours.