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Best Convalescent Care Need Satisfied at the Glynn Taff Assisted Living Facility in Maryland

When you think of old age home care, you likely think of nursing home facilities and other permanent senior citizen housing in which elderly people leave their houses forever and move into retirement communities. While often, senior living communities are used as permanent senior citizen housing, there is another type of elder care available in Baltimore, Maryland–convalescent care–offered by assisted living facilities, and Glynn Taff Assisted Living provides the best convalescent elder care solution for elderly people in the Baltimore area.

What Is Convalescent Care?

Convalescent care is elder care that is provided by senior living communities in Baltimore, Maryland, for short periods of time rather than as a permanent senior housing solution. Seniors may require convalescent care after they have suffered a fall or while they are recovering from a serious illness. In these situations, families often make arrangements for their loved ones to temporarily move into assisted living facilities after being released from a hospital. The facilities must be able to quickly prepare for the arrival of the seniors. Assisted living facilities in Baltimore also provide convalescent care for seniors following release from the hospital after scheduled surgeries. With this type of convalescent care, arrangements are made in advance and seniors may be involved in choosing the care facility.

Nursing Assistant

Benefits of Convalescent Care

There are many reasons that convalescent care is beneficial for seniors. Facilities are able to more closely monitor patients than home health care workers who stop in for only short periods of time during the day, so residents are able to get prompt medical attention if they suffer any setbacks or complications. Plus, seniors are able to simply relax and focus on recovering without having to worry about preparing meals, washing clothes or doing other housekeeping tasks. Often, convalescent care is less expensive than paying for round-the-clock private home care assistance, and it frees family members of having to take time off of work to look after their loved ones during their recoveries.

Why Glynn Taff Assisted Living for Convalescent Care in Baltimore?

Among all of the assisted living facilities offering convalescent care in Baltimore, Glynn Taff Assisted Living truly stands out. The senior living facility offers three levels of care, allowing families to ensure that their loved ones’ needs are fully met without having to pay for services that are not required. A Registered Nurse is on staff to oversee medication administration, and certified nursing assistants are on the premises 24 hours per day. Whether residents require daily personal care assistance or simply need a safe place to rest, Glynn Taff Assisted Living has a solution to perfectly meet their needs.

Glynn Taff Assisted Living is currently accepting new residents who require short-term senior citizen housing while they recover from an illness or injury. Loved ones and seniors can schedule a tour of the facility and see for themselves why Glynn Taff is the top choice among assisted living facilities in Baltimore, Maryland, for convalescent care.

For more information about convalescent elder care at Glynn Taff Assisted Living, please contact 410-744-4977.