My mother has been living at Glynn Taff since January 2014 in a shared room. To understand how good this experience has been for my mother you would have to know a little bit about her life prior to coming to Glynn Taff. My mother had been living alone in a three bedroom split level since my dad passed away in 1992. Mom is now 93 and had been pretty independent, driving her own car, doing her own banking, house cleaning, maintaining her yard, etc.. Several years ago I noticed that the house was becoming cluttered, junk mail was not being thrown out, money was being given out to anyone who called or came to the door, food was rotting in the refrigerator, and mom was alone and isolated. My mother insisted things were fine and she was not leaving her home. After my mother fell in her driveway and broke her hip in late 2013, I knew it was time to make some changes.

Since moving my mother to Glynn Taff I’ve noticed a huge change in her. She engages in the various activities (Bingo, Wii Bowling, morning exercises, Sunday church service, and monthly birthday parties). Once a month the residents can go out to lunch on the Glynn Taff bus and my mother enjoys lunch and the ride. Mom has literally blossomed at Glynn Taff. Prior to her move, I would visit my mother at her home and she would be sitting and watching TV and not really engaging in any conversation. Now when I visit my mother, she is animated, socializing, talking about the birds in the cage in the front parlor at Glynn Taff, telling me about the latest birthday party and how much fun it was to sing all the “old songs” from her youth, what she had to eat during the latest restaurant outing, etc. During the summer months we sit outside on the large front porch with other residents and enjoy the peacefulness and the flowers blooming. The other residents are friendly as are their families.

The staff at Glynn Taff is very pleasant and knows each resident by name. I find the facility to be clean and well kept up. My mother has had several bouts with bronchitis and each time I’ve received a phone call telling me exactly what is going on, what the results were of any tests/x-rays, etc. I like the open lines of communication. I honestly believe that were it not for placing my mother in Glynn Taff, she would not be with us now. I think Glynn Taff has added additional years to my mother’s life.

Carol Baer

My mom has been a resident at Glynn Taff for the last six years. During that time, I have watched as the staff and the other residents have changed her life. She now participates in ALL the activities this facility offers; from lunches out, to dinner theater, from games to entertainment, from birthday parties to WII bowling -- mom is in the middle of it.

There is round the clock care here at Glynn Taff, provided by a wonderful staff, who go out of their way to see that all of the residents are well looked after. The Activities Director encourages the residents to use their mental, physical and creative abilities, whenever activities are scheduled.

Glynn Taff is a lovely mansion with a deep front porch for outdoor gatherings in warm weather. It has been modernized for the comfort of the residents, without losing its original charm. It is decorated for each season or holiday, which the residents help with and the Christmas tree is especially lovely.

I have always thought to find a continuing care retirement community for myself, but having been a part of the Glynn Taff extended family, via my mom for so many years, this may well turn out to be MY final home.

Jerri Cumberland

It痴 painful to remember how anxious and empty we felt bringing my younger sister, newly diagnosed with early Alzheimer痴 disease, to Glynn Taff to live. Yet across these last three years we have been consistently and increasingly grateful for the competent and compassionate care she has received from literally everyone on the staff, at every level. We are thankful everyday.

Ed and Vicky Whetstone

The staff at Glynn Taff has been so nurturing and supportive of my mom, Mary Ricktor. It was so hard on Randy and I to have to move our mom to assisted living. You have made this transition so easy for us. She is very happy and so well taken care of. The staff love her and she loves all of them. In addition, she has made many new friends who are residents at Glynn Taff. I always think about how she would not have the fun activities and constant stimulation that she gets from your staff had she not made this move. Thank you again for taking such great care of Mary. She is the most important part of our lives and leaving her in the care of Glynn Taff makes our days easier.

Ramona Daniel & Randy Ricktor

Glynn Taff reminds me of a really nice old hotel. It's such a comfortable place to stay. When I brought my mom here to live, we both got a great vibe. I love the house and there's also a very good staff to resident ratio, with not much turnover.

Boyd Grove

The main thing I like is the homey atmosphere and the kind assistance from the staff. I think this is as close to home as you can get. It's cozy and help is always available.

Mrs. Ruth Schlosser (Resident since 1998)

When I was admitted into Ridgeway Manor, most recently to recover from major surgery, they made me feel at home immediately. I received excellent nursing care and the physical and occupational therapists worked with me daily. The good care I received at Ridgeway, enabled me to regain my strength and move to Glynn Taff. I don't want to leave.

Mrs. Margaret "Betty" Mathias

I like living here because the people are so nice. I also receive great care here and everyone is so easy going. The grounds are lovely, with lots of flowers.

Mrs. Lillian Grove.

What a great afternoon. You always hope that your visit does some good, and that you have left a little sunshine or happiness behind. Today answered that question for me. You, the entire staff and resident's of Glynn Taff are truly good, kind and loving people. From the welcome at the front door to the hug when I left, I was filled with joy. There are no words to express my appreciation for the wonderful day. I am so blessed to be a part of the Glynn Taff family. Thanks so much and love to all,

Sue Blair

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